Newspaper Assignment for Students (InDesign)

Students are to create a newspaper assignment, which consists of only one page. 

CHOOSE -> File -> New -> Print – Legal size.

When setting up the page on the new document dialog box, students are to create their document with four columns and change other settings as needed.

The top of the page should have a header (the student will need to create a fictitious name for their newspaper) and just below that there should be a small section of text where the date should be listed as well as volume number (volume number should be one and it can be on either side). The body should have four vertical columns or more.  Each column should have placeholder text to fill in the columns, and each section of columns should have a subtitle. A minimum of two images must be used somewhere in the body to emphasize the stories. Just below that there should be a footer.  Each section should consist of pictures and placeholder text.  The document should be made to look like a newspaper and must be submitted in PDF format.

Examples of newspapers have been provided below.  Please review the examples listed below.

NOTE: Students must use layers appropriately:

  • Columns, images, subheadings, and headings must all be placed in their own layers.
  • Layers must be named according to the content they have in them.
  • Placeholder text must be used to fill columns as if they are real stories.
Newspaper assignment for students using Adobe InDesign CC 2015.

Adobe InDesign Business Card Assignment For High School Students

Business Card Assignment

Students are to create a business card that they can send to a printer. Students are to come up with a design based on a fictitious company that offers some kind of service or product. This assignment will require students to create a page that measures 3.5 in x 2 in size; this is the standard business card measurement in the US. The front of the business card will have contact information as well as the company logo. The backside of the business card should be used to have a list of some kind witch keypoints about the service or product.

The business card should look professional and appealing to the eye. See examples below.


  1. Create a new document (Print -> US Business Cards)
  2. Change units of measurements to Inches.
  3. Choose Landscape orientation.
  4. Deselect Facing Pages
  5. A total number of pages should be 2. The first one is your front page, while the other is your back page.
  6. Click the “Create” button.
  7. Set your View Performance to High Quality: View (menu) -> Display Performance -> High-Quality Display (This is for the best display possible).
  8. Go to Google and type in “Free Logos”. In the “images” section choose a free sample logo. You may use these for educational purpose, which falls under the Fair Use Act. Download the logo to your desktop for later use. (Please note that if you would like to use these logos for commercial purposes, you will need to purchase the rights from the respective designer.)
  1. Create a new layer and call it a background color. Choose any background color of your choice.
  2. Create a new layer and call it logo. Place your logo on the first page of the business card.
  3. Create a new layer and name it business card information.
  4. Somewhere on the front of the business card enter the following information (Fictitious information):
    1. Name
    2. Job Title
    3. Cell Phone Number
    4. Company Phone Number
    5. Company Name
    6. Address
  5. On the second page, please enter some key points of what services or products your company offers.