In need of a site to track vacation rentals, I developed a system that would allow us to track customers as they arrive and leave the property. The site is able to track payment information, generate welcome letters as well as contracts on the fly. It can auto e-mail the client and send notifications of changes to their account. It can also track and store scanned customer documents associated with each account. In addition to, it can generate site and database backups on a incremental basis to external devices. This site was designed using HTML, Javascript, JQuery, PHP and MySQL.
I developed from scratch the Americanatm CMS system. This system was designed for the purpose of tracking ATM merchants and their respective ATMs. Developed originally with PHP 5.2 and using Laravel 4.2, (later updated to Laravel 5.1 as well as PHP to 5.6) framework and leveraging jQuery for GUI functionality, the system was designed to help the in-house-team track ATM's and their locations. Some of the functionality includes but is not limited to searching, tracking, adding multiple ATM's to one merchant, mapping statically and dynamically ATM's using GoogleMaps API. In addition to, you can add notes, update merchant information, send e-mails and upload documents.
Working closely with a client, which provides legal leads to attorneys, I built a system from the ground up to allow lead submissions. This system was designed to allow agents, with their accounts, to login and enter different types of leads. Based on the type of lead, different types of validation occurs which in turn allows the submission of the lead to a third party upon meeting lead criteria. Upon successful lead submission, we are provided with a token which is stored for tracking purposes. This system is capable of searching, submitting, tracking and also editing leads with reporting functionality as well as logging mechanism.
As a direct competitor to The Yellow Pages, The Real Local Pages is a national business directory search engine. Although the system is based on E-directory originally, I along with a team of developers have significantly modified the code base to enhance functionality as well as meet the owners feature expectations. We expanded the class base to add more functionality as well as integrate with additional payment gateways. We also redesigned the web interface to implement many current features offered by jQuery for a easier end user experience. Originally the system was designed using PHP 4.X but upon completion, it was using a more current version of PHP 5 as well as newer version of MySQL. Additionally, a new and more robust reporting interface was added to track sales more efficiently.
Directory Billing Services
DBS (Directory Billing Services) is another business directory search engine. This system shares many similarities with RLP. The system was designed for the purpose of providing digital advertising for our clients. In order to facilitate payment processing for our clients, all payments where collected via LEC billing or otherwise known as Local Exchange Carrier billing. Although the corer system is based on PHP, MySQL with sprinkle of Javascript and jQuery, it had unique features to provide our clients top notch digital media advertising.
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E-Directory Core Class Files
E-directory is a directory service software or otherwise known as directory search engine. Typically it is used for web advertising purposes for small to medium size businesses. This system comes with basic functionality and in many cases no method of collecting payments. I have successfully integrated this system with Authorize.net and CyberSource for the purpose of processing online payments for both ACH and Credit Card processing. I also have extended the functionality by integrating it with SuperPages, which is a company that'd specializes in digital media advertising. In addition to, I also added new code for reporting purposes as well as more functionality for authentication.
Built a site for my client who was in need of getting their association a presence on the WEB.
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