About Me
My Name is Rick Rodriguez Jr. I am based out of Plantation, Florida. I have been a PHP L.A.M.P. stack developer professionally since 2000. My skill set and experiences include but are not limited to MySQL, PHP, Jquery, Javascript, HTML, Laravel, and CSS to name a few. I am a great communicator in both English and Spanish. I posses the ability to solve and troubleshoot technical issues as well as always open to learning new technical skills, functional and business concepts. Self initiative is also one of my major skills, with little guidance I can find solutions to an objective. I am able to develop, design, test, implement and analyze any web application. I have been employed with both small to large companies as well as done freelance work on my spare time. Although I am not a full time free lancer, I have done many projects as a free lancer. I am very flexible with my schedule and very reachable either by e-mail (preferred) or by cell phone. Meeting deadlines is very important to me. As long as deadlines are reasonable and fit the scope of the project. I always make it my priority to meet any dead line. All my projects are developed using the most current and stable versions of PHP, MySQL, javascript and JQuery.
Operating Systems: Fedora X, Ubuntu, Centos (All flavors of Linux)/Windows (all versions)
Programming Strengths: PHP, Jquery, Javascript, HTML
Web Development Tools: NetBeans, Dreamweaver, Note++, MS Visio, Bugzilla, SFTP, FTP, and specially command line
Databases: MySQL, SQL
Web Server: Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Cpanel, and Plesk on occassions
Image Design: Adobe Photoshop
Revision Systems: SVN, GitHub
Ticket Tracking System: GitHub, E-tickets
Third Party Integrations: SuperPages, Legal Leads
PCI Compliance and configuration (RapidPCI, Compliance PCI, TransArmor Solutions)
Integrated with EvoDialer Inc for the purpose of uploading and processing of LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) client verification recordings.
Programming Experience:
  • Developing Object Oriented Web applications in PHP 5.6
  • Developed front-end applications using JQuery, Javascript, HTML, XML, DHMTL and CSS.
  • Experience of Design Patterns and Frameworks (Laravel and CakePHP).
  • Working knowledge of WordPress.
  • MySQL - Tunning, query modification or creation, and general database maintenance.
  • Linux/Unix (Fedora, Centos, Ubutu)
  • Apache/Nginx - Configuration experience including Sendmail, Postfix, C-panel, WHM and working knowledge of PLESK.
  • TCP/IP
  • CMS Customer Management System
  • Payment Gateways - CyberSource, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, Paypal, and Check21
  • Google Maps API integration.
  • E-directory development.
Network Design and Implementation
Firewall Configuration
Server (Win/Linux) Install and Configuration
Windows Desktop Support (Win98, XP, 7, 8 10)
Windows Small Business Server Support
MoniView Server Configuration
SonicWall Support and Configuration
All types of network configuration
ATM Configuration as well support (Hyosung, Tranax, GenMega)
SysTech Cellular Wireless Equipment Configuration and Setup
B.S. From Florida International University.